1. Use your own songs or playlists (even podcasts and audio books) or one of ten included alarm sounds

  2. Set up different alarms to repeat on different days of the week - Nightstand Central adapts to your unique schedule

  3. Adjustable Snooze Time with Progressive Snooze option- When enabled, snooze time will be halved each time you snooze an alarm instead of getting out of bed :)

  4. Customizable alarm volume (silent and vibrating alarms supported, too)

• Fade-In volume option (so you can wake up more gently)

  1. Nightstand Central’s alarms work even if your iDevice is muted, locked, or sleeping

  2. With iOS 4, you’ll receive background alarm notifications even if you forget to start Nightstand Central

With music alarms, a built-in sleep timer, weather, customizable photo backgrounds, and even an included shake-on / shake-off flashlight, Nightstand Central turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into the ultimate bedside hub. Replace your boring, standalone alarm clock with something that really stands out - Nightstand Central and your iDevice.

(Formerly Nightstand Weather Clock)

  1. Choose from more than 20 included HD wallpapers, or select several of your own photos to use.

  2. Multiple Wallpaper Support: Choose your favorite photos, letting Nightstand Central cycle through them however often you’d like

  3. Easily customize the size and position of the clock and weather widget. They’re happy to play second fiddle to your family portrait (as long as you are, too).

  1. Full Retina Display Support

  2. Customizable Auto-Lock time. If your device is running on battery power, you can set it to sleep earlier than if it’s plugged in and charging (or not at all)

  3. Adjustable Screen Brightness (just slide your finger up or down to change)

  4. 12 or 24 Hour Time Format

  5. Show or Hide the clock seconds

  6. Any other features you want to see? Feel free to suggest them to me by email.

  1. Fall asleep to your favorite music, relaxing sounds, podcasts, or audio books, and Nightstand Central will automatically pause the playback after the time interval that you’ve set.

• Any alarms you’ve set will still go off on schedule

  1. Current and Accurate weather conditions for almost any city in the world, updated however often you’d like

• High, Low, and Current Temperatures for the next 3 days

• Just shake to activate (and again to turn off)

  1. Uses your iPhone 4’s LED camera flash or your device’s screen for optimal brightness on any iOS device

Wake up to your favorite tunes

Front and Center Weather Info

Showcase your favorite photos

Included Flashlight

Fall asleep a little easier

Anything else?

Awards and Reviews

  Apple Staff Favorite for May of 2010- US App Store

Reviewed by Max Devin-Silver of modmyi.com - ★ ★ ★ ★


Nightstand Central is available for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on the iOS App Store. Get the full-featured paid version or try the limited free version.

Reviewed by iPhone Apps Finder - 8.5 / 10

If you have a question that’s not on this list or you’re having trouble with something, just email me and I’ll get back to you promptly. I’m a one-guy development, marketing, and support team, but I’ll do my best to help you out.

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